Today was a good day March 15, 20

Today seemed to be one of those days that goes on and on. This morning began rather slow, then it went full crescendo into excitement, determination and regained positivity. I know that people, myself included will go through shit in life that will create a negative day or two. Or in my case, a week..anyways….

I watched a movie, which is something I do a lot these days; good grief! called Joy. With Isabella Rosellini, a gorgeous woman I’ve always admired for beauty, Robert Deniro whom I love for his role in Stardust, Bradley Cooper whom I absolutely adore for his good looks and voice. Finally Jennifer Lawrence. She’s in several movies that are in my favourite pile. This movie was amazing! It was about a woman that was the glue of her family and had fallen upon hard times. She was driven crazy to the point she created an idea. This idea is what the movie was about. See? not only was Joy the backbone for several people, but she is still to this day one of the bigger inventors for the HSN. Fabulous. Throughout the movie she went through trials and tribulations but what made me love her was her perseverance and determination. 

This movie was just what I needed to see at the right time. I have been feeling hopeless, listless and a teeny bit depressed about this Queen Bee Cleaning company of mine. If Joy can go through so much bullshit in her life and “just keep swimming”, so to speak, then why the hell can’t I? I set out with positive and determination to make this day mine. By good grief did I kick it’s ass!! 

I now have enough information to properly write a good, solid business plan. l have complete hope and faith that this will work. I have a book of eco-friendly recipes for home cleaning supplies. I’ve got an arsenal of books to help me on my journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. However, my books got a few chuckles from my husband. See? most of them were an idiot’s guide, or the complete dummies types of books. Whatever. I want the plain and simple version of everything broken down so my short reading attention, did that make sense? span doesn’t lose its flame. 

With renewed hope, regained positivity I am ready to try this again. I’m not going to let a few people or their negativity rain on my parade. I have Joy to thank for all of this. I will be finding out everything I can about her. See if she has succumbed to the social media side of the world. I’d love to be able to sit and chat with her to just be in the presence of such a beautiful and empowering woman. She knows what it’s like to be a little fish swimming in a tank/world full of sharks. Thank you so much Joy!!!

In the words of one of my favourite gangster rappers, Ice Cube “Today was a good day”. Indeed it was. I seemed to find myself, or at least caught a glimpse of that crazy determined girl I used to be. I am so excited for the future and what it holds for Queen Bee Cleaning. I’m excited for everything it can be, for the cleaning products I will create, for the people I will meet along my journey.For once in a very very long time, I am so positively excited for my future.

I hope you have had just a fabulous day as myself. I hope tomorrow brings nothing but amazing and awesome kick ass things for you! If not, try the next day. Dust yourself the fuck off, wipe those tears, get back on that saddle, grab that damn bull by the horns and hold on for the ride of your fuckin life! Just hold on, my lovely. You can do it!! 


Day by day

 Day by day, step by step; my chaotic life is finally beginning to make sense. I’ve decided to take it breathe by breathe. Not allow myself to get so overwhelmed with everything that is trying to turn my misshapen self from a lump of clay to a blob of …ick. Make sense? Savvy? as Captain Jack Sparrow would say.

 Day by day. The best way to make life, make sense. 

I believe that people have the ability to make a better life for themselves and for those around them.  all you need to do is just see it. Find the beauty in everything. As the old song by Ray Stevens “everything is beautiful, in it’s own way”. It IS!! Just look for it. 

This is where I get a little hypocritical here…I have been going through a bit of negative thinking these days. I am a firm believer in do good, be good and say good. Good things will come your way. However, I frown upon people that take advantage of good natured people like myself. I will help you, I will support you and the only thing I ask, is for you to help yourself and give back to those that help you.

 I don’t appreciate people that come into a troubled waters type of life and make those seemingly gentle rapids, white water. Not at all. I am a good person. I was raised to be a very good person with a good and huge heart. Strong, good hearted that has an easy mouth to open asap and strong opinion. I will do what I can to help you, once I find I’ve been taken advantage of, I will find every little fault in everything you do. I find once that happens, it takes a lot for you to get “back into the green” with me, so to speak. 

Example, if people have good hearts and take in someone, no lies. Help in whatever way you can. Don’t expect people to feed you their last bit of food and not offer to do dishes or offer to help them. Don’t expect to take over a house and not offer anything. HELP these people that are helping you for crying out loud!! Especially if you know that these people are helping you, so you can help them.

 Also, if you make money, don’t show up in the middle of the night drunk and expecting to just sleep and take their house hostage. Good grief. Don’t wake up and expect them to feed you, clothe you, bathe you and do nothing but be a drunk. Expecting them to just let you be an entity in their home. To just expect to be as you have been. I have never, since I was a child, been shown any easy way out. Tough. Love. 

Here’s where I will learn from my own actions, thoughts, feelings and words. I know I am a good person. I find beauty in everything, everyone. I just expect everyone to have the same heart, feelings and mind set that I do. This is where I fail. Everytime. This is where my faults come to light. I have a terribly hard time to recognize people and their heart, once they show me that they will lie, disrupt life as it is, expect everything and give nothing in return. I don’t trust you, it’s bad because I don’t trust people in general, after something like this happens. I trust no one

 I will work hard to not be so strong of opinion in my heart. I see the good, I FEEL the good, I just need to learn how to not be so cruel and deciding in my final thoughts on people. I have to learn that people will not have the same mind set, the same heart, the same upbringing I have. There will be users, people that take advantage of other people..This will be hard. 

Here’s to hoping I can overcome such quick deciding decisions to not trust people. To not trust anyone. I find that once I don’t trust a person, every person will be like that one. Not everyone will be so negative. I have to learn to keep believing in people, in humanity, in the hearts of everyone. 

On this final note…listen to Glee or the original version by Foreigner “Don’t stop believing”. Hold on to that feeling.. There are good people. There are good hearts. Even if it’s clouded by greed, unthinking and selfishness. Even if it’s not intended. Also, if there are people like this, say your/my peace. Then move on . If after, all is said and done, let them go. Have the balls to let them go. Not everyone can be saved. 

Happy Friday fuckers! 

It’s been a productive few days. Here, there..I’ve been all over. Trying to enrich my life with positive vibes and good people. Life is back to normal, I can forge ahead to my future. Today will be out and about. Hoping to be seen, be heard and socialize. 

After thinking about which direction my future will be taking, I’m determined to leave everything and anything, anyone negative. Life is too short to be stressed, anxiety filled and worried all the time. Adulting begins yesterday .

I hope you have an amazing Friday full of fabulous people, gorgeous smiles and infectious laughter.

Make some good memories! ❤ 

It’s friday maddafuckers 

Today is such a gorgeous day here in Calgary! The sun is out and shining.Beautiful  people everywhere you look. It’s a good day to be seen and out taking pictures. I love beautiful sunny cool days like this.  It makes the soul feel good. Replenishing ,sort of. 

I hope hope your Friday afternoon was good, mine was fabulous dahling. I got a good rest, towent  clean my favourite little condo, enjoyed a sunny beer. Now I’m headed home to tidy up the house and look  nice. a It’s friends birthday and he’s having a party at a karaoke pub. Naturally, I’m going. Then it’s a little night adventure. 

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a good friday night.

May it be happy, full of love, laughter and good  memories.

Where do I even begin

I’m stuck in my cocoon. I began on the path to growing into a butterfly and somewhere along the way, I stopped growing. I’ve been struggling with a lot of things as of late. Myself, being a good friend, being an adult. Basic every day things have been  tough. What the horrible thing is, I see it all. I see every failure I’ve gone through and I don’t know what to do. So I shut myself away,hide and hibernate. 

The bright side of this is, I’m finally ready to be a human again. This little larvae is ready to bloom! ❤  I hope not it’s too late. I’ve been burning bridges pretty damn good the last few months. Here’s to hoping. I’ll begin by messaging, texting one person every day, with a different love each day. Time to be Ang again. 

I’d love to find a friend to do workouts  with. A photography  friend that goes on walks. A friend to crochet  with. The little things type of friend.I know you be should comfortable with spending time by yourself, but I’ve been alone for a while now. I’m getting lonely for people. 

I also need to work on the myself at the same time. Work out, wear make  up, dress up for the sake I’m a good looking woman, play with my furbabies more, do my hobbies! Learn my  guitar, become amazing with special effects makeup, start an online photography gallery, crochet blankets and scarves for those loves I’ve  promised, write more, sing more, go dancing! So much to do, with such little time. Life is so short. 

I hope you have a good day. Full of smiles, love, laughter and I hope you make a good memory or few today. 

Laugh loud. Love with all of your heart. Dance to the music. Smile at strangers.

Be kind, be nice and give yourself/your heart without expectation.

Shine your light bright on everyone. It might be the only light they see..

I’m late, I’m late..

That seemed to be the theme today.  Even though, I was awake early, it seemed I was late for everything wanted to do. My morning was a hazy lazy. I was slow, even with copious amounts of caffeine. Work? Seemed to go on and on. I thought I was never going to finish. Smoke a fatty, continue on , buy an energy drink it passed quickly. Now that it’s all over, I’m left sleepy and with a caffeinated mind with a tired and sore body. 

The highlight of my day was buying these crazy hippyish pants. One pair is black and white. It’s got this retro ’70s feel to and man are they soft! The second pair is black leggingish style pants with a high wide black waist and rose red and pink flowers all over. The third is a black flowy and airy feel pants. Also with flowers. As I grow older my clothes are becoming more hippy, boho type wear. I love it! I  figure, the only way to change my life is to also change myself. Feel good about myself, my positive vibes should attract  positive.

I’ve been thinking about selling some of my things. I’m convince that with new positive happy image, should come a new life. New surroundings, new beginning. This after all, is the year of Angie! Happyhippylady will indeed find herself and find  happiness and success. Speaking of new beginnings , I’m taking pictures more and more. It’s a talent I have. I’m sure as I get better, I’ll have the skill and funds for better equipment. I’m pretty sure can sell some pictures. Have an online gallery. This will be a busy year. Improving myself, build my company up and working on my selling pictures.

I’ve also decided time to be a better friend. I have to get out and socialize more. I want to be aremembered s the happy, smiley hippy lady that makes and sends cards for holidays, loves music, will talk to and help anyone and everyone. Positive  mind, positive vibes and positive life. 

I hope you’ve been well. Remember that you’re amazing! You are so awesome! There is no one like you, so be the best you can, own it and then share your awesome! ❤ 

Happy chocolate day! Part 2!