Ireland, my Ireland 

I’m falling hard for the thought of being in Ireland. My thoughts are always there. Dublin. Home of the sassy, crazy pants friend I have there. He makes a dull day exciting! I’ve been talking to him for about six seven years? It started out as flirting, now it’s more personal. I confide in him things I probably wouldn’t even put here 😳 Don’t get me wrong, it’s not perverted just personal. 

This person is such a good influence, I want to change my life. For the better. It’s been a while since someone has given me that feeling. That, is a good person to have in my life. Someone who makes me dream and hope for a better tomorrow. I need more of this type of person in my life! 

Goals. Time to start making and completing some. Get a job. Pay my bills. Get ID..again. Get a passport. Save money. Get to Ireland. Meet and thank this person for being so awesome, in my life. Done. I have something to work for. I need to get to Ireland. I have to find motivation to keep up striving for these goals. 


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