I’m late, I’m late..

That seemed to be the theme today.  Even though, I was awake early, it seemed I was late for everything wanted to do. My morning was a hazy lazy. I was slow, even with copious amounts of caffeine. Work? Seemed to go on and on. I thought I was never going to finish. Smoke a fatty, continue on , buy an energy drink it passed quickly. Now that it’s all over, I’m left sleepy and with a caffeinated mind with a tired and sore body. 

The highlight of my day was buying these crazy hippyish pants. One pair is black and white. It’s got this retro ’70s feel to and man are they soft! The second pair is black leggingish style pants with a high wide black waist and rose red and pink flowers all over. The third is a black flowy and airy feel pants. Also with flowers. As I grow older my clothes are becoming more hippy, boho type wear. I love it! I  figure, the only way to change my life is to also change myself. Feel good about myself, my positive vibes should attract  positive.

I’ve been thinking about selling some of my things. I’m convince that with new positive happy image, should come a new life. New surroundings, new beginning. This after all, is the year of Angie! Happyhippylady will indeed find herself and find  happiness and success. Speaking of new beginnings , I’m taking pictures more and more. It’s a talent I have. I’m sure as I get better, I’ll have the skill and funds for better equipment. I’m pretty sure can sell some pictures. Have an online gallery. This will be a busy year. Improving myself, build my company up and working on my selling pictures.

I’ve also decided time to be a better friend. I have to get out and socialize more. I want to be aremembered s the happy, smiley hippy lady that makes and sends cards for holidays, loves music, will talk to and help anyone and everyone. Positive  mind, positive vibes and positive life. 

I hope you’ve been well. Remember that you’re amazing! You are so awesome! There is no one like you, so be the best you can, own it and then share your awesome! ❤ 

Happy chocolate day! Part 2! 


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