Valentines day…

I’m not so into valentine’s day. It’s just a cash grabbing, commercial day for men to stress and women to expect. I believe, that if you’re in the right relationship, valentine’s day should be everyday. I did however get into the spirit đŸ™„ I bought valentine’s cards to give to my loves. Hypocritical much AVP? Haha. Funny thing? My loves are retail workers that work in a thrift store, liquor store and my momma bear. I got the cards for the simple reason that I love stickers. I bought of a book of love you, super sparkly and shiny stickers, I obviously needed to out them on something haha. 

I hope today is filled with love for those that find this day important.  Ladies, don’t stress and expect too much. Gentlemen, don’t worry about what to buy. A good woman or a good man will be happy with just being near you. Happy with your time. Me? I’m going to do some adulting, visit the library, hand out some vday cards and maybe attend a womens march against violence towards women. 

Love the person, not what they bring.

Expect nothing but love, laughter, smiles, time and good memories.

Share the love by smiling at strangers, be nice to everyone you cross paths with, compliment people.

Always be nice and always be kind. You never know what a person is going through.


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