Dreams of feelings past

I had the weirdest dream last night. I was going on a cruise. It was surreal. I boarded the plane with an inner sense of panic! Where the heck was db? Where!?! I had to find him, like right now. Once the plane started it’s flight, I noticed that db was a few rows ahead of me. With another girl. It hurt my feelings. So I continue on being all sad and when we land, I book another room. I went throughout the trip having to see them. Everywhere. It wasn’t weird ship. It was wood but beyond modern. The wave pool wasn’t chlorine. It was sea water and there was soft white sand. At this moment I remember the night before in the dream ..weird. Anyways. He told me that he desperately missed me. He was sad all the time, without me. We went throughout the whole cruise trying to be near each other. It was weird. I awoke to a sadness of knowing there will never be that feeling ever again.

I just had to get this out. It’s been on my brain for a while now.


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