Karmic believer and chocolate? Oh yea !!

It’s the Easter weekend. I’ve had a few hardcore religious friends get very upset over my choice of religion. Well for one bub, it’s my life to choose what deity if any, I look up to. Two. I’m an atheist. I was raised a strict catholic and have been told many times I’m going to hell for what I’ve done. Serious? I don’t know. I decided to become an atheist after several tragedies befell my family. I won’t get into it but yeah, I’m an atheist. Please don’t force your religion on me. I believe in karma. Do good and good things will happen to you. Always be good to people. Always. You don’t see me flinging my lip gloss at people telling them just because I wear it, you have to or it’s wrong! You’re going to hell. See? Doesn’t that seem silly?

Anyways. This weekend I’m going to take the time to relax, reflect and plan. When next week begins I will be ready to take it on, head on. Life will not knock me down anywhere.

Anyways. Religious rant over. Just had to say. Oh and it’s a great time to stock up on chocolate. Lol. See how commercial we’ve gotten!? It’s not about the meaning anymore. It’s all about hiding chocolate eggs and how much loot you can score from elder relatives. That’s a classic reason why I believe in karma. Smh


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